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Album Review: James Jupiter ‘Earthbound’

It’s not everyday you get sent a movie score to review that’s not actually a movie score but has a storyline as though it was a movie score. Confusing, right? Introducing James Jupiter—a Brisbane producer that has written a beautiful video game/science fiction-style record with a storyline to boot!

It goes like this: “Earthbound follows the return journey of space shuttle Zeta and it’s crew, traveling back to Earth from a long research mission to a foreign system. The story picks up just before the crew awaken from their 4-year cryo-sleep. But something is wrong. Zane the on-board android is not at his rest-post. The crew are thrown into a vortex of horror as they realise Zane has been disabled by a foreign passenger. It isn’t until they approach the beacon on Earth’s moon that the remaining crew begin to receive transmissions from Earth and realise something far worse.” 

From the soft subtle opening tune Lullaby through to Madness part one, your taken on a journey of synth horror—much like Jean Micheal Jarre of the 1970s with a hint of ’80s style synthwave that seems to be the current rage. It’s a great record to throw on if you’re finalising that economics assignment, battling out an epic scene in Fallout 4 or on a late night Uber run.

Even if you’re not a synth nerd, it’s an easy record to get into. With amazing ’80s style filters, brilliant mix downs and some great overall production, James Jupiter will be one to watch over time. This release is so ’80s, it’s even available on cassette—yes, audio cassette. So rip out your Sony Sport Walkman and grab a copy. It’s available through Midnight Pursuit records for $17 (which includes your digital copy)

Written by Chris Lamaro