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CAKES’ ‘Eucalyptus’ Is Personal Desire In A Musical Format

What allows CAKES to push and exceed their boundaries is their passion. Brazen and partially unforgiving, CAKES make music for the feint of heart—loud and destined to crush anxiety, Eucalyptus embodies a larger than life approach on this rising Gold Coast-based band.

Following on from previous rip snorters, SweatILL and Break My Mode, CAKES have found their true catharsis on Eucalyptus. If post-punk had a physical attribute, tortured into giving information then thrown into a sweaty, ventless room, you’ve just described CAKES. Eucalyptus, more than their previous singles, seem to contain the mayhem a little more in regard for rhythmic momentum. Don’t feel too comforted, however, as CAKES know how and when to turn it up. Even though the lyrics may be brought just slightly more to the forefront, CAKES’ mesmerising and powerful instrumentation is still their biggest asset.

Eucalyptus is, as the band describes, a formation of personal desire—doing what you feel and putting that emotion into music.

“‘Eucalyptus’ is a track about feeling restricted by your own invention of whom you want other people to see. This song is about doing whatever you feel like doing because you enjoy doing it not because you are trying to invent an image of what you want people to see,” states CAKES.

Get your 2018 kicking by seeing the true exuberant power of CAKES live. They have two shows—one with Hobo Magic and Voiid in Brisbane; the other at their hometown haven elsewhere on the Gold Coast. Scope the full gig details below along with the stream of Eucalyptus.

CAKES Live Dates

The Bearded Lady, Brisbane
Elsewhere, Gold Coast

Written by Jake Wilton