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We Interview Dune Rats

After a national tour with fellow Brisbane upstarts Bleeding Knees Club, two-piece surf thrash band Dune Rats are just about to wrap up their first ever headline tour to coincide with the release of their latest single, the good time power punk stomper ‘Fuck It’. Having supported The Drums, Cults, Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti and Best Coast, this tour gives Dune Rats the chance to showcase their own brand of musical madness, a juxtapose of foul mouths and angel faces. Delightfully apathetic and devoid of giving a shit, Dune Rats are definitely a band representing slacker revivalism with an infectious low-fi hazy sound that charms,  jammed with energetic drumming and harmonies that were probably written somewhere between a carton of beer and getting really stoned. Bailey from AAA had a chat with Danny (guitar/vox) for an inside look into the mind of a Dune Rat.


First off, tell us about the idea behind your latest single ‘Fuck It’. It’s such a good track, kind of reminds me of throwing a brick into your ex’s face. But in song form.

Yeah it's definitely a brick song haha it can be a brick for anyone though...I mean it was written for a few people who in general are fucked and can't wait to see everything around them fucked. We don't have those people around for long and I guess Fuck It summed up for us how we felt about those sorts of cunts.

Do you have any ridiculous ideas for the film clip?

We have some cool ideas floating about but we are gonna use most so may just hold back of saying what they are, for us a clip just has to be a fun time making it...

“Pogo” and “Fuck It” are on high rotation on Triple J right now, how has the exposure been in terms of reaching more audiences?

Pogo got some spins and “Fuck It” was just recently added, but we honestly  didn't think we'd play outside Brisbane to start with. Seriously we still laugh and high-five most days about how lucky we are. A fair bit of what we'd had offered has a lot to do with Triple J getting us oh there and into people's ears. I have to say though our boomers like Andy at Village Sounds who've worked their asses off for us since we started with them another reason, fucking love those guys.

I kind of hear The Buzzcocks, Wavves and early The Strokes in some of your tracks, all cool and lo-fi. Do you take any inspiration from these bands?

I mean we like all those bands for sure but for us music is a lot more simple if we dont think about it. Like we listen to music a bit, BC more than me haha I kind of like movies and nature sounds. When it comes time to write though we are just in a room bashing chords that sound how we are feeling at that time. So it could sound like fucking Metallica on a bad day I'm sure.

Considering there are only two of you, you manage to have your fingers in a lot of musical pies.  How do you find juggling time for the bands you’re in?

Well we've stopped all other projects now so for both of us this is what we are going to be rolling with for however long we can.

The emergence of DZ Deathrays, Bleeding Knees Club and IOWA seems to signal a break away from that Brisbane indie-pop sound we’ve become quite familiar with. How do you see the future of the garage sound?

Haha shit man if I knew I could probably sell a fuckload of albums but it could be anything. We've seen in the last year I'd say the best and the most different 20-30 bands we've ever heard all in this year traveling around. So I'd say it's in good hands and people should be heading to live shows as much as they can cos bands don't last forever.

I heard the Adelaide gig of the tour actually got shut down by police. What happened? Adelaide needs to cheer up a bit, don’t you think? It’s just rock and roll for Christ’s sake.

The policemen who had us to the side and who had been talking to us we're really cool. They'd heard Pogo a few times and just chatted about random shit, so for us we were more confused with where the people went. The venue didn't like stage diving I think and maybe some banned plant life that was there but I think the venue needed to chill out, its Adelaide for one. I mean the venue started in the fucking 80's and 90's when shit was loose and live music was fucking cool. Nowadays ( and this is not most venues but a fair few) have a big fucking cry about not enough people coming to shows, how kids are acting or the noise is too loud haha and yet they hire 150kg security that cause more fucking problems to a bunch of kids by fighting them for no reason or tackling kids getting on stage that are really just having safe fun and who are PAYING the fucking venues for this pleasure. Shit is fucked up in some places.

How was your home town show at Brisbane’s Alhambra Lounge? What have been some hilarious highlights so far on the tour?

Brisbane was fucking great, we saw all our mates and everyone was just getting well drunk catching up haha but I'd say the improv show we did a this tiny pub in Redfern after drinking all day with some local lads was the most memorable to date. We setup this guys gear in 30mins, just the basics, and bashed out tunes between the Keno and TAB screens to 15 people standing on tables...that was a good time.

Finally, in your experience, can you recommend the best pub in Australia to get shit faced in?

Shakespeare's in Surry Hills. Don't think just get your fucking ass there!!



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