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Amundah Unveils Charming Indie Pop Ballad, ‘Sparks’

Melbourne singer-songwriter Amundah has just released her latest single, Sparks. Known for her emotional storytelling and dreamy indie-pop sound, Amundah continues to captivate listeners with her heartfelt music.

Earlier this year, Amundah dropped her debut EP, Pantsuits, showcasing a confident pop style that she first introduced in her 2022 singles. Now, she’s back with Sparks, a track that blends charming guitar melodies with her distinctive Australian accent, creating a unique and authentic sound.

Sparks tells a bittersweet story about a relationship that lacks depth despite the efforts put into it. Through her smooth acoustic guitar and lyrical flow, Amundah paints a picture of a connection that ultimately serves as a lesson rather than a fulfilling partnership. Yet, she insists that the song has a happy ending. It’s about realising that you deserve better and finding happiness by moving on from someone who isn’t right for you.

“Everyone can see that you’re not as a happy as you should be and then once it’s ended it clicks! This is ultimately a happy song because you’ve figured out that you deserve better. It’s a song about happiness, because you’re done wasting time on someone who just isn’t right for you.” – Amundah.

Amundah’s ability to convey such personal and relatable experiences makes her music stand out. Sparks is a song about growth and self-discovery, reminding listeners that sometimes the best thing you can do is let go. Sparks is available now, everywhere.

Written by John Zebra