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Aversions Crown Announce Album + Drop Brutal Single “Ophiophagy”


Brisbane deathcore outfit Aversions Crown have announced their third album ‘Xenocide’ is set to be unleashed upon the world in January. To celebrate the announcement, the band has dropped a brand new track Ophiophagy, the follow up to their release of Erebus earlier in the year.

Despite the flack that deathcore often cops from ‘real’ metal fans, Aversions Crown’s latest single is a near-perfect example of how well deathcore can be done. The guitars in Ophiophagy dance the line between brutally heavy and delicately technical, switching from searing lead lines to almost percussive sections. The lead lines that Aversions Crown are so fond of reach a new level on Ophiophagy, slicing through the percussive rhythm and searing  into listeners’ brains.

The drums are as brutal as any song the group have released, packing frantic blast beats, insane speed, and blistering fills. The crushingly heavy breakdown is an undeniable highlight, exploding out of the near-silent bridge section, while new vocalist Mark Poida’s throat-shredding vocals form the violent frosting on an already brutal cake.

If Ophiophagy and previously released track Erebus are anything to go by, ‘Xenophile’ will be a fantastic offering from one of Australia’s best extreme metal exports, and one that all heavy fans will not want to miss.

‘Xenocide’ is set for release on Friday the 20th of January. Check out their single Ophiophagy below!