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Aversions Crown Are Back With Heavy New Single “The Soulless Acolyte”


Brisbane deathcore maestros Aversions Crown are back at it again with new single The Soulless Acolyte, just weeks after releasing the first single from their upcoming third album ‘Xenocide’.

The Soulless Acolyte shows a slightly more nuanced take on the band’s own brand of technical deathcore than their previous single Ophiophagybut with the same tried and trusted themes of alien overlords and life forms.

The intro riff sets the tone for what’s to come, coming in at a breakneck speed before before exploding into its full form, accompanied by a ridiculously tight rhythm section and vocalist Mark Poida’s inhuman vocals.

The brutal wall-of-sound is extremely well done, with each instrument occupying its own space while working together as a cohesive whole, something many deathcore bands struggle to nail, setting Aversions Crown ahead of the pack from the get go.

What really adds some spice to this already fiery track is the small interludes sprinkled throughout. The slick lead lines, with a generous dose of delay and reverb, have an oriental flavour to them, making them somewhat of a welcome curveball in a genre that’s sounding increasingly homogenised.

These lead lines ooze over the pummelling rhythm sections and other guitars like some kind of musical ectoplasm. These juxtapositional guitar parts have almost become a trademark songwriting device of the band, and one that really does set them apart from their contemporaries.

The Soulless Acolyte’s other main attraction is it’s breakdown. Deathcore and breakdowns are nothing new or original, but this one is just so god damn heavy! Hammering away like a slow-motion jackhammer, the breakdown allows Poida’s heavier vocals to shine through, rippling with menace across the down-tuned and down-tempo, bordering on percussive, guitar work.

If Aversions Crown continue in this vein with their music their upcoming album ‘Xenocide’ will be insane, and sure to be chock full of breakdowns and alien-themed lyricism. ‘Xenocide’ is due out on Friday the 20th of January, so keep your eyes peeled for more from the Brisbane deathcore titans!