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Billy Davis’ “No Longer Lovers” Vid Smoother Than A Well-Oiled Wheel


Retail roller disco is the name of the game for Melbourne outfit Billy Davis in the video for their new track No Longer Lovers.

Filmed in a Foodworks in the Victorian suburb of Sunshine, the band members are scooting around on rollerskates through aisles and aisles of fresh produce and canned goods. It looks like a whole lot of fun, but when you think about how many times a neat stack of tangerines were knocked over, you’re left wondering if it’s worth it. (The answer is unarguably yes)

These guys must have spent a bit of time observing the sausages in the deli, because they have managed to drop a banger. Call for a clean up in aisle three, because there is some dirty dirty bass throughout the track, complimented by horns and vocals that are smoother than the oils in the cooking ingredients section.

The track comes across as almost a stripped back Flight Facilities track with more of a jazzy vibe, and the addition of a well-spat rap verse kicks the song into a Kanye-esque bridge. Whoever was in control of the keys knows how to bring the chill as the track features some bouncy and laid back synthesiser sounds in a stack of spots.

Bllly Davis, for those not in the know, are an 11-piece from Melbourne who know a thing or two about balancing a huge stack of instruments and vibes in cool, chilled arrangements. They’re priced together by William Rimmington who serves as the band’s lead songwriter, and they aim to channel the sounds of Anderson Paak and Kaytranada.

Along with the single, the band have a huge stack of dates, but unfortunately for most of the country, these are all in Melbourne!

Check out the video for No Longer Lovers below, and scope the live dates!

Billy Davis Live Dates

Strawberry Fields, Wildlands, VIC
Corner Hotel, Melbourne
The Toff In Town, Melbourne
The Operatives, Melbourne

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Written by Max Higgins