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Bobby Uncle Shares Inspiration Playlist Behind Recent Single, ‘Coffee’

Eora/Sydney based artist Bobby Uncle has dropped his latest slice of pop-perfection titled ‘Coffee’.

The incredibly infectious track is the talented up-and-comers 2nd release for the year, following on from ‘Summertime (make it happen)’ released back in February. ‘Coffee’ is a convincing statement from Bobby Uncle (aka Liam Barrera), displaying his fine-tuned songwriting, performing and producing skills at their absolute best. Not one to shy away from different vocal styles and genres, ‘Coffee’ weaves through many different moods and tones throughout its runtime – creating a consistently compelling listen, filled to the brim with catchy ear worms that are sure to stick around long after the song has finished. 

Today, Bobby shares with us some of the influences that went into the making of ‘Coffee’.

Influences for ‘Coffee’ by Bobby Uncle

Hello, my name is Bobby Uncle. These are the ten songs that inspired me to write and produce my latest indie-pop track ‘Coffee:

  1. “As It Was” – Harry Styles:
    The melodic structure of the lead synth in “Coffee” took inspiration from the catchy and emotive synth found in Harry Styles’ ‘As It Was’. I have always appreciated how personal Harry’s songwriting is. He is one of the bigger influences in the way I write my own tracks, specifically since I have never been a fan of writing music about other people’s experiences as I never wanted listeners to separate myself as the artist from the music. 
  2. “Love U Like That” – Lauv: I love this track for how big the chorus sounds. I started listening to it September last year while in South Korea after watching Lauv’s concert in Seoul. The way he uses his falsetto in his music inspired the pre-chorus and the final big chorus of ‘Coffee’ where I dawn on ‘Sipping on Coffee’ to stop fantasising over a lover.
  3. “Good for You” – Spacey Jane: The indie-rock vibe and heartfelt lyrics of Spacey Jane’s track influenced the upbeat and introspective nature of ‘Coffee’. The blending of high-pitch guitar riffs with a driving rhythm section in “Good for You” can be heard in the instrumental layers of my track ‘Coffee’.
  4. “Sex” – The 1975: The rawness and honest lyricism of ‘Sex’ which talks about Matty’s infatuation with a girl he knows he can’t have, influenced the candid and passionate vocal performance in ‘Coffee’. The dynamic shifts and guitar-driven soundscapes in ‘Sex’ encouraged the upbeat nature of the production in ‘Coffee’.
  5. “In Love, 23” – Kyle Charles Hall: I met Kyle for the first-time in August 2023 at a gig we both were performing at. His genuineness is reflected heavily in all his tracks. The nostalgic and dreamy production of ‘in Love, 23’ is my favourite and the closest of his produced tracks that you will get to watching him live. I wanted a song like that, where listening to it at home feels like you’re listening to it at a gig.
  6. “Double Espresso” – DICE: This track I had never heard until January 2024 after I missed their Lost Paradise 2023 performance, and my friends were raving about how great their set was. I wrote and produced ‘Coffee’ in December 2023, but after hearing this track, I must have heard it on the radio since the energetic and upbeat themes of DICE’s “Double Espresso” are similar to the high-tempo rhythm and vibrant synths of “Coffee.” I love DICE’S track for its sense of urgency which was an emotion I wanted to invoke when listeners heard ‘Coffee’.
  7. “Oh Sheila” – Ready For The World: The infectious 80s groove and catchy chorus of “Oh Sheila” inspired the danceable rhythm and synth layers of “Coffee.” Similar rhythmic elements and synth textures were used to create a compelling and memorable track.
  8. “Emilee” – Hauskey: The minimalist production in Hauskey’s ‘Emilee’ influenced the reflective and stripped-down moments in ‘Coffee’. Hauskey battles with an internal dialogue called ‘Emilee’. Though the narration of my track does not have the same meaning, the idea of having this terrible person in your life that you desperately want to get rid of, but you don’t know how, inspired the lyrics in ‘Coffee’.
  9. “Easy Lover” – Philip Bailey, Phil Collins: The energy, melodic hooks, tones of the guitars, the synth lead driving the stripped back sections were all influential to the production of ‘Coffee’. Such a banger.
  10. “I’m Still Standing” – Elton John: This is for sure my favourite track of the 80s. The key changes from the verse to the chorus to lift the moods of listeners was incredibly well-done. Though my track lacks key changes, I wanted the verses and pre-chorus to have a false optimistic feel to it before leading into the high paced chorus. That essence of overcoming adversity and moving forward, which draws inspiration from John’s iconic track, was a crucial part of what makes ‘Coffee’ sound nostalgic. 

Bobby Uncle’ latest single, Coffee is available now, everywhere.

Written by John Zebra