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Bray James’ “Deciduo” Is Drenched In Delicious Bright Pop!


Wollongong-based singer-songwriter Bray James has released his new single Deciduo, and it’s dripping with bright, poppy sounds and a stack of the happies!

Deciduo opens with pumping beats and a funky, light guitar riff, before launching into a blend of electronic beats, bells and James’ unique vocals. At various times in the track, you are treated to an interesting collection of synthesised bass lines and electronic shimmers that sound like they’ve been rewound from the bar before, which creates a strange continuity in the song.

There are some MGMT vibes in there, especially with James’ vocal stylings, and they also reflect NY-based outfit Future Generations with the upbeat summery sounds. The song was inspired by trees after summer rain, and the glow that the nature around his house on the NSW south coast reflects.

James has come to the Australian pop scene by way of his old psych-pop band Glab. He’s departed from his old bandmates to take on his solo projects, and there’s a lot more to come, according to James. But for now, if you’ve been inspired by Empire of the Sun’s new album, James has more in the vein!

Check out Deciduo below, and keep your ears to the ground for any upcoming Bray James album news or tours!

Written by Max Higgins