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Brisbane Sweetheart Azura Drops Gorgeous Debut Single “Midnight”


New chick on the block Azura (a.k.a Lauren Coutts) has made a striking first impression on the local indie-electronic scene with her debut single Midnight. 

Written at the tender age of 18, the Brisbane songstress’ first release Midnight is lustful, romantic, classical, and heart-wrenching as synthesised string instruments soar through the fleeting sounds of Azura’s delicate and echoing vocals. The track cleverly incorporates a modern and minimal soundscape with classical and dreamy sonic ambience, baring a striking resemblance to the likes of Wafia, Banks, and Moon Holiday.

“I wrote the lyrics while waiting at a bus stop in the city after midnight. I’d just turned 18 so I was going out late to see show and I guess it’s about that streetlight haze, unrequited love, and sleeplessness…all things that I was overwhelmed by at the time,” said Azura.

Midnight was produced over two weeks with the help of Sydney based producer Jack Prest. “He helped turn it from a bedroom demo into what it is now. I had been writing every day for a few years and it was the first time I’d written something that I loved enough to get on a plane for,” said Azura.

Azura’s Midnight has definitely earned the Brisvegas artist a spot on our radar! Put on your headphones and drift away to Midnight below!