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British Synth-Rockers RAYNE Drop Epic New Single “Subject A”


Sunderland rock trio RAYNE have dropped their beautifully balanced new single Subject A, combining electronic influences with their signature epic rock soundscapes.

Following their hard hitting 2011 album ‘The New Enlightenment’, the new single takes RAYNE down a slightly new path. Venturing away from hard rock and edgy vocals, RAYNE are now focussed on synthesiser-laced beats and soaring guitar wall-of-sound.

Subject A is taken from their upcoming album ‘Complex By Design’, showcasing the Sunderland trio’s feel for story telling songwriting, epic instrumental arrangements, and electronic grooves.

While a sudden change in sound can often deter listeners and work against a band, it appears to have worked for RAYNE, as they’ve found the sweet spot of epic-rock similar to Lost Prophets.

After spending over a year hidden away writing and recording, it’s been a while between drinks for fans! But with 2017 just around the corner, it’s a welcomed return for the lads in RAYNE. Check out the new single Subject A below!

Written by Sam Muggleton