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Electric Guest Return With Cool Retro Single “Dear To Me”


After almost five years out of the public eye, L.A. pop duo Electric Guest have returned to the spotlight with their new single Dear To Me from their long-awaited upcoming album.

With the help of their friends HAIM, the duo self-produced and crafted the ’70s-inspired single. The track is loaded with a plethora of cooing, dream-like synthesizers, and the distinct mix of guitar strumming. As an added bonus, the harmonies featuring the HAIM sisters Danielle, Alana, and Este are simply divine, adding to the track’s sunny, feel-good vibes. The synth slow-jam is completely packed with soul and atmospheric electro-pop reminiscent of the ‘70s and ’80s.

One half of Electric Guest, Asa Taccoone, says the track is his favourite from the album because it “came from the heart”.

“Matthew (my bandmate) had a job at this studio in LA that had all these old synthesisers from the ‘70s and ‘80s lying around. I came in one afternoon for just a few hours and we played around with as many of the instruments as we could, then recorded most of the rest of the song in my bedroom.

“One of the HAIM girls lives down the street from me, so one day all three sisters came over with some other friends of mine and after hanging out for a few hours we went into my little studio and recorded the chorus vocals. I recorded them on one mic. It’s easy with them because they’ve been singing together for years so they blend super well,” says Taccoone.

Electric Guest’s forthcoming album is yet to be released, but you can hear the sleek and soulful new single Dear To Me below!