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Empire Park Make Slight Direction Change, Huge Impact In “Can You See It”


Alt rock from Tassie has been blowing it up lately, and I’m not talking about Luca Brasi. Hobart’s empire park has been launching a full out assault from across Bass Strait with their brand of Gang Of Youths cross indie pop-rock sound! To back up their 2015 debut, they’ve dropped their latest, Can You See It, and we thought we’d find out if it was worth the hype.

In short, yes. Yes it is.

In long, still yes. The track starts off with some pretty driving drumming before diving headlong into a full-on guitar fest, complete with sustained wailing high notes. This then backs off to allow space for a more grungy, distorted riff paired with some pounding, metronomically even drumming. There is a switch between these two modes for a majority of the song. Frontman Harrison Manton’s gruff vocal line fits right in with the backing track that toes the line between a soaring, uplifting anthem, and a punky, thrashy tension release.

Fans of the band may find that this track is a slight departure from the sound of their 2015 debut track We’re Ok, which has more of an indie-pop shine to it, with its more guitar-oriented sound. However, Can You See It doesn’t do away with those influences entirely, merely, it lets them take a back seat in favour of the more gruff vibe.

empire park have had a few big changes to their line up over the past twelve months, which may be the reason behind the change in direction, however, their sound is as strong as ever. The band have certainly had some experience with live shows, with there East Coast tour last year and a support slot for Little May, which will bode well when you Tasmaniacs get in to see them live at Falls Festival over New Years!

Check out Can You See It below, and open the diary for their live dates!

Empire Park Live Dates

Republic Bar, Hobart
THU 29 – SAT 31 DEC
Falls Festival, Marion Bay, TAS

Written by Max Higgins