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EP Review: Jenny Broke The Window ‘Feels Good’

jenny broke the window 1

The latest EP from the gents of Jenny Broke The Window ‘Feels Good’ has blown all my expectations of Australian indie-rock out of the water. This is the their second EP release and in just six songs the Sydney lads have managed to create a roller coaster of emotions, from teen rebellion to the whimsical concept of first love. Its quite literally a ‘feel good’ EP…

It begins with Skinny Dip, a track that ‘dives’ straight into a catchy guitar riff and lead singer, Sam Lathlean’s signature echoing vocals. Its a great opening track, immediately dialing the energy up full blast with its catchy bass riffs. The song made me question “what winter?” with its blissful summer lyrics, “well if you call me/we can dirty run to the ocean”. They sound like Australia’s own version of The Drums with their playful mixture of sounds and makes you want to catch the first plane overseas to catch some Cali rays.

“It’s all the best parts of an emotional song without the sappy ‘tear down face’ moment.”

The next track is hands down my favourite! Even if this is your first time hearing Bleachers you will no doubt be singing every word by your second listen *continues to hum*. Its an awesome power anthem with its in-your-face guitar and background synthesisers. The super playful and witty lyrics are also a reason for it being my favourite on the EP, “I need you more than heroin that’s looking for a vein” – cool hey?

The next song Airport Love is all about, yes you guessed it, love! Its starts of with super slow airy synths and percussion before, in classic Jenny Broke The Window style, up-beat drums and guitar are added in the chorus. I normally don’t like songs that put a damper on my mood but Airport Love switches up the sad love song concept with their upbeat mixture of guitar and violins. It’s all the best parts of an emotional song without the sappy ‘tear down face’ moment.

So far, the indie-rock genre is clearly heard throughout every song but there’s a little something different in the Black Skeleton. Of course there’s heaps of punchy guitar and catchy repetitive lyrics but in certain parts of the song you can hear some interesting synths, kind of like an 80’s video game. Its not as up-beat as the other tracks but I’d say it’s the most versatile.

Number 1’s is pretty hip with its ‘f*ck you’ lyrics, “if you keep in mind/you’re wrong/you never wanna be the only one”. The intro reminds me of Ta-Ku’s remix of Ginger and the Ghost’s One Type Of Dark, a more contemporary, alternative version of course. The song holds a lot of high pitched, rattling percussion, which makes it a super original track.

“the…soothing vocals of frontman Sam Lathlean are persuading me, strum by strum, to give in and embrace the sadness.”

The bonus track and last song on the EP is Smiley Eyes *here come the tears*. The track is super slow and sweet with a light guitar strum floating throughout the song. The guitar strum reminds me a lot of Funeral by Band of Horses, and we all know what a tearjerker that song is! As mentioned before I am a little bias to the traditional sad song but the beautiful harmonies and soothing vocals of frontman Sam Lathlean are persuading me, strum by strum, to give in and embrace the sadness.

Listening to the EP as a whole the tracks truly do blend together, each one merging perfectly onto the next. The EP delivers some awesome, feel-good summer tracks that’ll have you yelling “f*ck yeah!” as you high-five the person next to you, great job guys!

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Album Rating: 4

jenny broke the window feels good EP cover