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EP Review: Sentia Debut EP ‘Origins’


Hailing from the dark corners of Melbourne’s prog scene, Sentia are gearing up to release their debut EP ‘Origins’. After the success of their self-produced single Feast of Fools earlier this year and the amazing reception Hydroflow received, this highly anticipated EP is sure to be a huge milestone in the band’s career.

Just as igniting a match starts a roaring fire, Sentia’s opening track The Fire kicks things off in spectacular fashion with the twin guitar attack of Jason King and Pete Kyvelos. With crushing riffs and lush melodies, this guitar-driven track serves as an intricate, hard rocking kickstarter with a huge chorus allowing frontman Amos Phillips to showcase an impressive vocal ability.

The EP’s latest single Hydroflow deals with the rather darker feelings experienced during the demise of a relationship when vulnerability, insecurity, and desire set in while under the enchantment of a foreign land. These feelings are conveyed through careful use of atmospheric, hypnotic synthesisers together with impressive instrumental work. Hyroflow is not the heaviest track, however the variety of instrumental and vocal parts makes is extremely engaging and would translate into a rather epic live performance!

“This hypnotic, rhythmic soundscape will take you on a super mellow journey as it introduces some fascinating sonic elements.”

Sentia hit us with a curve ball with the entirely instrumental title track, Origins. This hypnotic, rhythmic soundscape will take you on a super mellow journey as it introduces some fascinating sonic elements. You never really know what to expect next from Sentia and that’s what makes their music so exciting!

Wrapping up with Chrysalis, Sentia explore their prog roots a bit deeper with interesting time signatures and guitar melodies. The Mars Volta-esque track features some beautiful instrumental tones, a tasteful guitar solo, and very well done stereo imaging.

Phillips showcases his diverse vocal ability on this track, ranging from extremely controlled falsetto to some slightly aggressive growls. This is the standout track on ‘Origins’, and coming in at just under five minutes it serves as an epic way to round up the impressive debut EP.

Sentia’s debut EP ‘Origins’ is set for release on Friday, 12th of August. In the meantime check out Hydroflow and live dates below!

Album Rating: 4

Sentia Origins EP

Sentia ‘Origins’ Tour

Evelyn Hotel, Melbourne
Habitat HQ, St Kilda
Music Man, Bendigo
The Worldsend Hotel, Adelaide