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Gold Coast Punks The Wrath Release Fiery Anti-Gov Single “Blood On Your Hands”


Gold Coast punks The Wrath taken a swing at the current state of Australia’s politics in their new single Blood On Your Hands, accompanied with a horror-themed video.

Taken from The Wrath’s second album ‘Disillusions & Resolutions’, Blood On Your Hands is a fantastic offering from the Gold Coast mainstays and shows exactly why they’ve remained a band for 13 years! While not a virtuosic genre by nature, the band have embraced the punk song formula and made it their own.

Their riffing borrows from rock as much as it does punk, adding an almost anthemic feel to parts of the song, especially when paired with frontman Tommy Kreeper’s brooding vocals. Nowhere is this more apparent in the song’s ridiculously catchy chorus, which will no doubt be stuck in your head after one just listen.

The thick and organic sound of the zebra-striped double bass means that, unlike many of The Wrath’s contemporaries, bass is audible in the song, propelling Blood On Your Hands forward in an absorbing fashion.

Lyrically, Kreeper says the song “points out the disdain that is growing for our governments and how the people they are meant to represent are left to the way side when greed and political donations take preference”.

While the majority of the video is the tried and trusted band playing in a warehouse trope, the clip is cut through with images of various politicians and some heavily anti-government and anti-corruption slogans. Sprinkled throughout the video as a macabre highlight are some generous splashes of blood and other horror-themed imagery…because it wouldn’t be a clip from The Wrath without it!

The Wrath have recently wrapped up their first full tour of Japan and on their return are set to help their buddies in Darkc3ll at the Gold Coast leg of their album release tour. So make sure to head down to catch a glimpse of The Wrath, show info and new single below!

Darkc3ll ‘Haunted Reality’ Tour
Elsewhere, Surfers Paradise, QLD

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