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Having A Blast At The Beach Q & A: Mickey Bleach from Bleach Girls

bleach girls

Byron Bay garage rockers the Bleach Girls are bringing their infectious party vibes to a sweaty venue near you! After brightening our day when they sent us their debut single I Like You a few weeks ago, the duo have just release their first EP, charmingly titled ‘Hi!’.

Before they started tearing up the bitumen of the East Coast in support of the debut 5-track collection, we asked guitarist Mickey Bleach about how to make the best of a day at the beach and what to expect from their upcoming live shows!

What’s the best advice for battling the soaring heat of the summer sand?

A good pair of pluggers in essential to escape the burn…unless you have pins like Fi Fi. She can bound through dunes like a gazelle – burn free!!

To best impress the opposite sex, what is the go to beach sport or activity?

Paddle ball, especially if you own a pair of lycra jocks! Once you get the lady the paddle and ball come in very handy later… 

In what situation is it legal to use the surf life saving buggy?

To race up to get first in line when the ice cream truck pulls up! Actually, I take back the answer for the first question. Steal the surf life saving buggy and whisk your babe down to the water burn free.

What’s the best way to cope with a blue bottle sting?

Fi got stung by so many blue bottles one summer that she actually became immune them, true story! But for the rest of us punters you need piss, vinegar, or ice. Whatever you can get your hands on, those things suck!

Would you rather Bondi beach on a busy Saturday or the quiet un-patrolled local beach? 

Give me a quiet un-patrolled beach any day of the week! Any opportunity to get the titties out, it’s all about an even coverage! 

What’s the best way to keep those pesky seagulls away from your battered potato and fish?

Embrace the gull, they only love you when you play hard to get. OR, a fishing hand line…chuck a chip on the hook and cast it out…they soon learn. It’s called kite birding! 

What’s the best thing to ease the pain of bad sunburn?

This is my best-kept secret so I was hesitant to let this one out of the bag. You put sunscreen on it, works every time! Or douse yourself in Aloe Vera, but everyone knows that!

What’s the best way to walk off a fresh dumping from a wave? 

I love a good wave dumping, no better way to clear the sinuses. Gotta get back up on that horse, tiger! Don’t let no wave tell you who’s boss!

For the uninitiated, how would you describe Bleach Girls’ sound? 

Beach soaked, bratty, garage-rock party jams. Think of the soundtrack for a big beach punk party! Beach Boys meets the Ramones.

We’re loving your debut single Like You, what was the inspiration behind it?

Oh thank you, we love you too! It’s about people that only like you if you like them back. As soon as it’s not reciprocated it’s all over red rover. Bleach Girls love everyone so we’re ready for your lovin’ back…

Lastly, what are three things people should know about you before they catch you on your tour? 

That we’re always down to drink plenty of piss, party, and hanging with new people, it’s the f*cking ultimate! Please don’t be shy after a show, we love a good chin-wag!

We have a van but if any legends want to accommodate us after a show we would be stoked (laughs)! And we have limited edition merch on this tour. None of it goes online, we only sell it at shows. Come grab yourself a bargain!

Bleach Girls Tour Dates

Waywards, Newtown
The Pier, Port Macquarie
Baha, Rye Vic
Cherry Rock @ Cherry Bar, Melbourne
Greaser Bar, Brisbane
Shark Bar, Gold Coast
The Northern, Byron Bay
Oz Fest, Gold Coast
Sol Bar, Sunshine Coast