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Hollow Coves’ New Single “Coastline” Is Sure To Stoke Your Wanderlust


Brisbane-born duo Hollow Coves have announced the impending release of their debut EP ‘Wanderlust’. As a taste of what’s to come they’ve released their latest single Coastline, and it’s everything we’ve come to love about these lads and their indie-folk sound.

Coastline greets you with a jangly guitar, laying a soft and earthy base for Hollow Coves’ signature vocal harmonies. It creates a folksy sweetness to the track that’s incredibly charming and easy to love. The gently insistent underlying beat of Coastline would make it the ideal choice for driving along a long, straight coastal road, with waves crashing on one side and wind in your hair!

The new single is simple, yet never dull, carrying a nostalgic sweetness in every line. Coastline is an idyllic world painted by its lyrics, creating the perfect form of escapism. With lines like, “And there’s a place that I’ve dreamed of/ Where I can free my mind/ I hear the sounds of the seas there/ And lose all sense of time”, this track perfectly encapsulates the yearning to escape from everyday life.

As Coastline progresses, it gradually adds extra layers to build a richer soundscape. The addition of a brass line moves this song beyond your everyday folk track, that only has a stomp box and a guitar. The rolling percussive rhythms are a classic trope of this brand of indie folk, and feel reminiscent of Half Moon Run, fellow signers with Montreal’s Indica Studios. Hollow Coves are beginning to show the influence of their time spent amongst the Canadian music scene.

If Coastline is any indication, it’s safe to assume that Hollow Coves’ debut EP, set for release in early February 2017,  will be a spectacular and charming first offering!