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Jodi Returns with Resilient New Single, ‘I Know A Girl’

Gadigal/Sydney-based indie-pop artist Jodi has returned with her dynamic release, ‘I Know A Girl‘ – co-written by Alex McIntyre (Lola Scott) and produced/mixed by Alistair Hayes (DaphnieJewel Owusuyouproblem).

‘I Know A Girl’ unfolds with Jodi’s ethereal vocals paired with stripped-back guitar arpeggios, creating an intimate, melancholic tone. Slow-building pads and atmospheric layers gradually infuse the track with a dreamy quality, leading to a chorus marked by hard-hitting drums and emotive melodies.

Jodi talks about the inspiration behind ‘I Know A Girl’:

“‘I Know A Girl’ is a punk pop tantrum mixed with soft and sad indie pop about a boy. Holistically, this track is about knowing you aren’t the only one he’s seeing. It’s revengeful and confident. When we (Alex Mcyntire ‘Lola Scott’) wrote this demo in Nov 2022, it was over Zoom in the afternoon and it was prefaced with gossip. ‘I Know A Girl’ starts in a pretty desperate outlook; you’re starting your grief journey over this situationship and the rage is about to kick in… Themes of a rockstar’s god-complex surface, alongside feelings of shame and confusion.”

Drawing upon inspiration from personal experiences and her creative perspective of the world, Jodi shares that as songwriter and an author she finds, “ideas from people/places/movies/poetry, or make scenarios up in my head. As an author (‘Elise Fintry’s Infused State‘), I like to find meaning in everything. I usually mould a live experience in my head so that it can be felt deeper in order to expel emotion in the process of creation. I’m an empath, so if I’m emotionally involved, it’s easier to communicate when things are dramatised, like writing poetry.”

‘I Know A Girl’ is available worldwide now

Written by John Zebra