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Killswitch Engage Plead “Cut Me Loose” In Fiery Music Video


Long serving lords of metalcore have unveiled a hot new clip for latest single Cut Me Loose, taken from their early 2016 album ‘Incarnate’, and believe us when we say this video is HOT. This comes just a few months before the band is set to assault our shores, and we’re suitably hyped!

Opening with some classic Killswitch chuggery over thundering drums, vocalist Jesse Leach serenades over the crushing instrumental. Wasting no time in getting to the point, an early shift into a chorus sees a quick rise into epic territory with a massive sing along, “A faded memory of what used to be/The burden and the noose/ Just cut me loose”.

The bridge of Cut Me Loose sees guitarists Adam D and Joel Stroetzel ‘oil up the ol’ wrists’ and deliver a blistering shredding riff that calls back to the glory days of ‘Alive or Just Breathing’ and ‘The End of Heartache’. A final heartfelt chorus sees the short-but-sweet single out, and leaves us with the desire to revisit ‘Incarnate’ in full once again.

While the song follows the very well-trodden path of a Killswitch Engage single, it doesn’t fall flat with familiarity. Much like watching Matt Damon star in another ‘Jason Bourne’ film and it still hitting all the right notes, Killswitch Engage consistently unleash the best they have on their fans, with each new stroke from the band hitting deep inside long-term fan’s chests.

The ‘hot’ factor of this single comes in the form of a strikingly bright and blistering music video. Cut Me Loose is filmed in the desert with the band dripping sweat as they rock out, while the narrative sees a man, filmed in reverse, burning alive. The end of the clip reveals he has committed suicide via self-immolation, sitting dripped in oil holding a match.

Killswitch Engage have been dominating metal fan’s playlists and car stereos for over a decade, with their 2002 album ‘Alive or Just Breathing’ often heralded as the defining metalcore album of a generation. 2013’s ‘Disarm the Descent” saw the return of original vocalist Jesse Leach, and a new found fury and determination from the band has followed. Killswitch Engage are bringing the rage down under in March 2017, with Fallujah along for the ride as support.

Check out our interview with guitarist Joel Stroetzel HERE and the Cut Me Loose music video and upcoming tour dates below!

Killswitch Engage ‘Incarnate’ Australia Tour

Enmore Theatre, Sydney
Eatons Hill Hotel, Brisbane
170 Russell, Melbourne
Metro City, Perth

Get Tickets HERE

Killswitch tour poster