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LEØ Drop Hauntingly Beautiful Single “Ghost”


Emotion and electronica cross paths once again in Ghost, the latest dreamy track from Brisbane trio LEØ. The second single from their upcoming EP ‘Young’, Ghost is a stream of consciousness, glazing the chilled vibes and melodic restraint fans have come to know in subtle emotion.

Beginning with tentative melody and rhythm, Ghost highlights Chloe Pilkington’s crystalline vocals while the sparse instrumental allows the poetic lyrics to shine – “What can I say, what can I do?/I’m so afraid of giving up, giving into you/Again and again/You always take over/Each time you leave you come back to me/Begging for forgiveness with a fake apology”. As in most LEØ tunes, the song rides a slow incline, developing into a hypnotic tapestry of synth and beats that will have Golden Vessel fans salivating.

LEØ say the track was written to draw emotion from two different points of view. “Ghost was the last track recorded for our debut EP and from an instrumental point of view it’s quite subtle when played or compared to the other tracks. We really allowed the vocals and the story to be quite present and focal,” they said.

LEØ’s EP ‘Young’ is set for release in January. In the meantime, listen to Ghost below!

Written by Jess Martyn