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Live Review: Good Boy w/ Zefereli, Make More, Simi Lacroix @ The Foundry


Hot off the heels of releasing their second beaut EP ‘Plum’, Good Boy closed out their EP launch tour with a sold-out hometown show at Brisbane’s The Foundry. What went down on the night can be summed up in three words: hot, loose, groove.

Simi Lacroix kicked off the proceedings, and while the crowd was quite small Simi absolutely demolished his set. The music of Simi Lacroix is full of the retro appeal of Client Liaison but with vocals that are much more impressive and guitar solos which blow you away. Not to mention Simi Lacroix doesn’t rely on any of the visual candy of choreography that Client Liaison do, he’s just one man on stage!

“Stupid Goodbye got a humongous response from punters with many simply embracing each other in order to comprehend the beauty that was entering their ears.”

He bounced his way all around The Foundry stage, showing off his impeccable dance moves and breaking into jogercise, making for an amazing performance that surely converted a sea of new fans. Simi Lacroix is proof you should get to a gig early. Take notice, this man is going to GO places!

After a light drinks break (not really) Make More took the stage with their brash, droning brand of rock. Giving off some major New Order vibes, Make More played tracks off their recently released EP ‘Spend Life’. Make More bring everything you want in a live band, sounding scarily close to the recording but with added body to the sound, hitting you in the face with a wall of sweet, noisy fuzz!

Zefereli took the stage soon enough with their cool, mellow, farmyard folk-pop. The crowd finally started to populate considerably when Zefereli burst into their first note. Much like any closely-knit folk band, Zefereli are essentially on a god-status playing live. Stupid Goodbye got a humongous response from punters with many simply embracing each other in order to comprehend the beauty that was entering their ears. The love-in was a perfect introduction to the charged-up slam of Good Boy.


Walking on equipped with his well-known blue Fender bass and footy shorts, Good Boy’s frontman/bassist/singer Rian King burst into ‘Plum’ EP opener Sychophant. Infectious, groovy bass took hold of The Foundry. As it turned out a camera crew was spread throughout The Foundry, which only encouraged an immense crowd to go crazy.

Following up the Children Collide-esque jam of Sycophant was a dip into their first EP with Green Dress. Soon, divided shouts of “Transparency!” began to dart throughout the venue to a lukewarm response of “Maybe later” by the trio.


More material from their recent EP ‘Plum’ was spread through the set, with Good Boy ending up playing the whole damn EP. Highlight of ‘Plum’ Your Mum’s Your Dad translated accordingly as a true banger with crowds chanting the infectious chorus of “Just want to lead a normal life, have a couple of kids, have a couple of wives”. Finally, to the delight of the sauced up crowd, Transparency had a spin as people on shoulders multiplying by the second.

Throughout the set punters got a taste of the next release from Good Boy including Grip and Braappp, whether the latter song title will stick remains to be seen but here’s hoping! Both tracks having the distinct Good Boy charm you expect, with Grip having some exceptional melodies not usually seen from Good Boy. Dropping two new tunes out of nowhere is a reassuring sign that Good Boy have no sign of slowing down.


‘Plum’ is self-described as having a far different feel to their debut EP ‘No Love For Back Home’, and from the sounds of these new tunes this will be the same case for their next release. Ending their set with a smooth transition from Punch to the Gut to ultimate Aussie millennial anthem Poverty Line, Good Boy brought a raucous set to a close…although in doing so re-assuring us they’re not done rising through the ranks just yet and could definitely use some extra income.

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