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Lorna Reveals Refreshing New Single, ‘Underachiever’

Emerging from the East Coast of NSW, alternative country and folk singer-songwriter LORNA, aka Erin Condon, is back with her second single, Underachiever. This stripped-back ballad delivers a chilled-out vibe that’s perfect for those lazy afternoons. LORNA’s slow, clear voice paired with twinkling, brassy guitar strikes a balance between passionate romance and soft groove, creating a calming yet captivating atmosphere.

Inspired by her grandmother, LORNA’s new moniker debuted with her first single, Bloom, earlier this year. Showcasing her talents on vocals, guitar, and piano accordion, LORNA’s music reflects her personal journey and resilience. Underachiever was born from a moment of intense heartbreak, written when Erin thought her world had ended following a tough breakup. She candidly shares how she navigated the aftermath, using Tinder and small comforts to find her way through the darkness.

The accompanying music video is a visual treat, featuring LORNA in an 80’s-inspired, glowing dinner for one. Surrounded by trinkets and a faded pink room, she unravels emotionally, indulging in a messy, cathartic release. The powerful imagery of LORNA making a mess with food reflects the song’s themes of self-discovery and emotional release.

Underachiever beautifully captures the essence of feeling lost and finding light in unexpected places, making it a must-listen for anyone who’s ever felt a bit like an underachiever themselves.

Upcoming Shows:
June 19 – La La La’s, Wollongong | Supports The Bancrofts + Shalani
July 11 – Lazybones Lounge, Marrickville | Supports The Bancrofts + Wil Linder
August 8 – The Victoria, Bathurst | Support Oak + Orangi

Written by John Zebra