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Lose Yourself In Ghost Drums’ Mesmerising Single “Window” + Video


Western Australian producer Ghost Drums is poised to drop his latest EP ‘Imprax’, and has given us a taste of what to expect with his ethereal second single Window. The new single, alongside its music video, bring just the calming sensations we need during the silly season, so be prepared to chill out!

Opening with a somewhat off-kilter boom-clap beat, you’re thrown into a loop of metal drum sounds and a deep, purring synthesiser line. The brooding electronic elements are enhanced by the introduction of soft, echoing vocals which amplify the highlights of whining electronic riffs throughout.

As for the lyrics, take it from Ghost Drums himself that the track tells a tale of “the euphoria of feeling amazing after feeling low for so long”.

The music video is every bit as mesmerising as Window is calming, with rolling images of clouds, bright blue days, night skies, and the overlaying of somewhat-psychedelic imagery. Reflecting the spaciousness and meditative nature of the track, the video utilises a kaleidoscope effect, hypnotically dragging you in. Before you know it, you’ll have forgotten all your worries and have delved into the entire song headfirst!

Ghost Drums’ upcoming EP ‘Imprax’ is due out in January, so keep your eyes peeled!