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Luunes Bare It All In Debut Single “Glass”


Moody electronica has been having its moment for a while now, and Newcastle duo Luunes are amongst the latest to jump on the bandwagon with their debut single GlassSmooth, sultry, and subtle, the track will have fans of wistful synthesisers hooked.

Glass pitches Vera Blue’s ethereal vocal style against Meredith’s trademark tapestries of soulful synth melodies, resulting in a sound eerily similar to Woodes’ self-titled debut EP. Floating through a sparse soundscape, the track leaves plenty of room for building intrigue, while the lyrics capture complex emotions in simple poetry: “I wish you were made of glass/So I could see through you/I wish you were made of glass/But I don’t get to choose you”. Ultimately, subtle layers and space transform Glass into a short yet hypnotic escape.

The duo said the track was inspired by the idea of using vocals as a driving rhythmic instrument.  “By the end of the night, Glass had developed an unusual and intriguing sound, essentially portraying the effects of a person completely altering and obscuring another’s perception,” they said.

Check out Luune’s debut single Glass below!

Written by Jess Martyn