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Mikhael Paskalev Dodges Death By Dropping Amazing Track “Witness”


Mikhael Paskalev has come roaring back with his latest song Witness and its creepy, dance-centred, and (possibly) inspiring accompanying music video. Get ready to strap yourself in for one hell of a rollercoaster of foot-tapping emotions with this one, because it serves up a smorgasbord of strange.

The seven minute, story-driven clip opens with a man representing Death (played my Paskalev’s long time collaborating producer Joe Wills) questioning Paskalev through a doorway, in what seems to be the last time that he’ll be alive. Paskalev laments that he’ll never be a father, and when questioned about his final words, asks if he can show the man something.

The two descend into a room with a large empty pool, before Paskalev dons some absolutely spectacular fashions reminiscent of John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. Paskalev then jumps into the empty pool and lays down some of the best dancing to be seen from a white man since Magic Mike XXL, and his accompanying Hadean inquisitor is compelled to join him.

The music video goes from a distressing and depressing story of a man wrenched from his life to an all-out discotheque with surprising ease and smoothness, leaving the viewer a little bit confused, but a lot bit funky.

The track itself is a verifiable force-five bangnado. It takes the cliches and tropes of a disco-inspired song and strips them down to a grooving beat, swelling bass lines and soaring vocal harmonies. There are hints of acoustic guitars and synthesisers that add different elements throughout the track.

Lyrically, the track is an ode to just letting it all out on the dance floor without judgement or regret. The strand out line “Keep dancing/Like no one’s ever ever going to do you wrong/Like every single one, it’s your favourite song” will bring back memories of hazy nights out proclaiming one’s love for the current playlist.

“The song Witness is pretty much about finding that release from whatever hurt of self-doubt you’ve been holding. That calming comes from losing yourself in the moment. When it was time to make the music video, I really wanted to make something that felt sincere but daring,” says Paskalev.

Mikhael Paskalev broke the mainstream in Australia a couple of years ago with his huge track I Spy which charted on the triple j Hottest 100, and brought him to play Splendour 2014. Since then, the Norwegian has spent his time writing his latest album, which is set to be released next year. Witness is the first taste from that album, and we certainly can’t wait to hear the rest!

Check out the track below, and keep your eyes peeled for Paskalev’s upcoming album and any tour dates!

Written by Max Higgins