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PREMIERE: Elliot The Bull Powerful & Brooding In New Single “Standing On The Sea”


Since the inception of triple j in 1975 Australia (and the world) has slowly been waking up to the fact our sunburnt land produces some incredible music, spearheaded by our rock scene.

In a week where arguably our nation’s best alt-rockers Birds Of Tokyo released their latest album ‘Brace’, lesser known, but just a proficient, rockers Elliot The Bull with their new EP ‘Beast’ are showing rock at all levels of Australia’s alternative scene is shining as brightly as ever.

The NSW Central Coast quartet have been striking chords and sinking beers since 2010, but their latest single Standing On The Sea from their new EP shows they’ve still got the youthful spark present in all timeless rock bands. The track starts with eerie production that’s pierced by a simple grungy guitar hook, before frontman Jake Dobson begins his brooding analysis of the “new wave of atheists”.

“This song is about the people that are so ‘anti-religion’ that they have become just as preachy as other religious folks. People should be able to have their own beliefs and not feel belittled by others because of them,” says Dobson.

Standing On The Sea delivers the epic rock layering of Birds Of Tokyo with just a touch more story telling, charming acoustic guitar strumming, and sporadic post-production manipulation of instruments. The brooding soundscape is embellished beautifully by shimmering lead guitar as Dobsen’s passionate vocal delivery naturally builds the song into its energising, fists-in-the-air chorus.

Before too long you’ll be humming Dobson’s melody as he yells, “It’s killing off the weeds/You’re feeding off the vibe that’s all around/Maybe you’ll prove us wrong/Head straight to Babylon/You couldn’t care less/Got us right in the chest”.

Elliot The Bull have been releasing music and touring since their inception in early 2010, traversing the countryside performing at boutique festivals Red Deer Festival and Mountain Sounds. They’ve performed abroad at New Zealand’s Parachute Festival and completed three tours of Asia, where they’ve played at major events including MIDI Festival in China and Ho-Hai-Yan Rock Festival in Taiwan.

In support of the new EP ‘Beast’, Elliot The Bull will be hitting the road for a short tour up the East Coast. However, apparently the tour almost never happened after their home studio recently robbed of thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment.

Luckily, a close friend swiftly setup a crowdfunding campaign that helped raise enough funds to replace most of what was taken. Check out the new single Standing On The Sea and upcoming EP tour dates below!

Elliot The Bull ‘Beast’ EP Tour Dates

The Bearded Lady, Brisbane
The Pier, Port Macquarie
The Croxton (Front Bar), Melbourne
The Factory Floor, Sydney
Long Jetty Hotel, Central Coast