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PREMIERE: Little Coyote’s Single “80 Days” Will Have You Hitting Replay

Little Coyote

If you’ve been looking for something to fill the void of feel-good rock vibes in your life, Little Coyote’s hot new single 80 Days might be just what you need. The Sydney quintet were finalists in the Australian Independent Music Awards Alternative category earlier this year, and their latest effort suggests there are bigger and better things on the horizon.

A rolling combination of warm bass riffs, punchy guitar, and emphatic vocals makes for an intriguing first verse, and a strong frame for a deliciously edgy lyrical flow: “You know I’ve been around the world in 80 days/I’m never late, you know I write precisely what I’m meaning to”.

After a smooth start, an infectious riff in the chorus meets passionate vocal slides, generating a surging melodic force. In a nutshell, 80 Days is a combination of Fall Out Boy’s rock edge with The Black Keys’ soulful funk energy. Running from beginning to end, that classic guitar riff is the track’s strongest lynchpin – guaranteed, it will have you hitting replay as soon as it’s over.

Little Coyote’s frontman Judd English says the track is all about not wanting to grow up. “I’ve spent some time traveling, got into some spiritual shit for a while, got into conspiracy theories, got out of conspiracy theories, had a lot of mind altering magic moments – pretty unoriginal stuff really, but all in the search of trying to find and define myself and my reality along the way. The song is acknowledging the grown man I’m supposed to ultimately become, Yet now I’m still just getting drunk and acting like a child. Nothing has really changed and I’m not sure I’ll ever grow up anyway, so screw it.”

Sydneysiders can catch Little Coyote live at their 80 Days Single Launch next week – check out the details below!

Little Coyote “80 Days” Single Launch

Oxford Art Factory, Darlinghurst


Written by Jess Martyn