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PREMIERE: Los Tones Open “The Door” On Their Mayhem-Filled Japanese Tour


Sure, touring the world as a musician is pretty cool. You meet new people, you see new places, and most of all you’re doing it as the job of your dreams. But how can you show everyone the kinds of crazy frantic sh*t you get up to while you’re overseas? Sure, you could take photos or live blog, but it’s just not a solution for all the weird and wonderful things that a rock band sees and does.

Sydneysiders Los Tones have solved that problem by giving the music video for their track The Door a passport, documenting their recent tour of Japan’s underground rock bar scene. They’ve dropped the clip, and here at AAA we’ve been given an exclusive chance to check out the mayhem!

Bullet trains, old ladies in bars, bumming crowd ciggies, and automatic beer servers, this video has it all! The quartet recently made their way around Japan, giving crowds a sample of their upcoming second album in a string of intimate underground club shows, all the while soaking in the sights and sounds the asian nation has to offer.

As if Japan isn’t a land jam-packed with lights and sounds already, as the clip progresses some psychedelic video effects come into play, and the next thing you know you’re being hypnotised by everything from Neon signs to pub food. If you’ve seen the music video for Regurgitator’s ! (The Song Formerly Known As), then you’re in the right ball park, just add in some grungy rawness and a knack for the best beer spots in Tokyo.

Special mention must go to the band’s costume choices, at one point rocking a full Steve Irwin khaki ensemble. The band have even been hard at work picking up the local lingo. Describing the video, the band have said:

“Aussie kiken na otoco, bring the 120% Primitive Rockin’ to Japan.”
Translation “Aussie danger men, bring the 120% Primitive Rockin’ to Japan.”

The Door is a psych-influenced rocker, with heavy emphasis placed on the buzzing lead guitar line and pulsating bass. Battling guitars in verses sound like a clash of surf rock, before coming together in the chorus to give a fuzzy, entrancing attack. The vocals and drums are given the lo-fi treatment for most of the track, but this just gives credence for the psyched out feels.

Los Tones dropped their first album ‘PSYCHOTROPIC’ in 2014, and since then they’ve been hard at work putting more of their 60s inspired garage rock onto tape for your listening delectations. The band don’t have any upcoming tour dates, but with the album dropping soon keep your eyes peeled for any announcements!

Check out the video for The Door below!

Los Tones ‘The Door’ Single Launch

Moonshine Bar, Sydney


Written by Max Higgins