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PREMIERE: Sophisticated Dingo Drop Spellbinding Debut Single “Witch Love”

Sophisticated DingoMelbourne garage-rock duo Sophisticated Dingo is just one of many good things to come out of free time and empty garages, and their debut single Witch Love is a promising first offering. Fans of the gloriously messy arrangements of The Gooch Palms and Hockey Dad will find themselves hooked on the track’s reckless energy.

Witch Love packs a punch from the beginning with high octane guitar melodies, raucous energy, and raw vocals. Complete with thrashing drums and vocals somewhere between singing and yelling, the chorus takes on the presence of an epic Green Day banger.

In typical garage rock style, the lyrics make perfect sense if you don’t pay too much attention, but they’ll have you singing along nevertheless, “I guess that’s the problem/with my generation/We can’t always read the signs and we/just don’t know which ones are ours”.

Frontman Lewis Matte explains Witch Love is about the dejection of watching something you worked hard for fall apart.

“Being young and inexperienced, it is tough to know exactly where to focus your energy. When you get it wrong it creates a sense of insecurity. But it’s important to realise that in the long-term these circumstances are essential for growth,” says Matte.

If you’re in need of more Sophisticated Dingo energy lucky Melbourne fans can catch the band launching their debut single live next month, check out the single and launch show details below!

Sophisticated Dingo Witch Love Single Launch 

Grace Darling Hotel Basement, Collingwood


Written by Jess Martyn