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10 Tips For Surviving Splendour In The Grass


With Splendour In The Grass only a few weeks away, preparations are in order. To save you all the trouble of not know what to do among the enjoyable chaos of the festival, we have gathered our best tips for your survival. Whether it’s packing, fashion, or substances, we’ve got your back!

1. Get Your Sh*t Together

When it comes to three days of unpredictable weather, buckets of sweat, and more ‘fun’ than one human can handle, you need to be prepared for the best and worst of Splendour In The Grass. Three days of camping with your mates and thousands of other people is a little different to your regular camping trip, so pack everything that you need – it’s better to over pack than under.

Splendour Essentials: Gum boots, a few towels, baby wipes, water bottles, band-aids, pain killers, bum bag, thongs, a poncho (it’s always going to rain, even if the forecast doesn’t say so), and more baby wipes.

2. Know Your Place

It’s not great when you find yourself stumbling back to your camp site at 1 AM with more alcohol in your veins than blood and have no clue on where in the world you are. Pick a landmark to help you find your way back to base, like a road, creek, treeline, fence, or toilet block (but not TOO close to the toilets…).

Having 30,000 punters flowing into the North Byron Parklands, it makes it easy to lose your pals. Pick a landmark in case you get lost, like Mr. Poopie, this years official Splendour meeting point, or the lonely tree in the middle of the Amphitheater.

3. Fashion Is Overrated

Okay, yes you may look good but we bet those heeled boots and the $350 dollar dress will really rock mud, and thirty other people’s sweat. Wearing clothes that are both practical and presentable is well worth it. Don’t wear white because… just don’t wear white. Whatever you do though, wear gumboots!

4. Know Your Stuff

If you’re a music junkie like us, then know your set times. There’s nothing worse than missing a great band, only to fall in love with them after the festival. Go through the line up and have a listen to the bands, pick out which ones you like and select them in the #SITG app. Speaking of…

5. Download The App

SITG have their very own app to get all the important stuff to you straight away. It will equip you with all things Splendour, from general event info to your own personal planner. Just search for Splendour In The Grass in the app store.

6. Don’t Panic

However you take it, don’t take it all at once. Police are onsite to keep punters safe so don’t panic and down all your pingas in one go. In most cases, the illicit substance will simply be confiscated.

7. Don’t Leave The Party Early

Splendour always saves the best for last! If you leave the festival early or decide to have one night in you may miss the best moment of your life. Although the last act may have played, the festivities carry on. Make sure you head over to the Teepee Forest for at least one night of adventure/serious grooves.

8. Get Creative

One of Splendour’s great non-musical aspects is Splendour In The Craft. Hosting free workshops all weekend, it’s the perfect place to kick back during sets and get your craft on. Sew good!

9. Pre-game On Point

Pace yourself! Don’t burn yourself out on the first day before the festival has even started…it’s happened…to many people. Once you’re in the festival don’t be the wanker that’s so intoxicated his face looks like it’s falling off as he gropes the gal beside him. There will always be time to drink, so just pace yourself and keep hydrated.

10. Charge It Up

The lockers are probably one of the best creations since sliced bread. Only $30 for the weekend (share it with your mates) and you can charge your phone, or lock up your wallet any time you like. Now that SITG offers camping beside your car, it may not be essential for those particular happy campers.

In case you’ve forgotten, check out the full Splendour In The Grass Line Up HERE.

Splendour In The Grass 2016 will take place on Friday 22nd July – Sunday 24th July.