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11 Gruesome Music Videos To Get You Pumped For Halloween


In the lead up to Halloween we thought we’d create a playlist of some of the scariest and most f*cked up music videos we could find. We’re not going to lie…some of these are pretty messed up and we’re sure they’ll scar us for life, but this banger-filled playlist of our Top 11 weird and gruesome music videos is sure to creep you out and get you in the Halloween spirit!

Devildriver – Pray For Villains

Okay, lets start off with one of the tamer videos on our list. Devildriver have delivered some of the fastest and heaviest songs over the years featuring their signature double-kick explosions and frontman Dez Fafara’s incredible raspy growls.

Pray For Villains is the perfect song to get you pumped for Halloween with its haunting video and high-energy chorus. With a burning forest, summoning the of dead and Fafara’s glowing red eyes, how could we not put this absolute banger in?

Suicide Silence – You Only Live Once

Suicide Silence are known for their guttural screams, dark themes, and insane breakdowns. As one of Suicide Silence’s biggest and most popular songs, You Only Live Once this just had to make the cut! As the second single from what would be former frontman Mitch Lucker’s (RIP) final album, You Only Live Once truly captures the essence of what Lucker and Suicide Silence are all about.

Placing themselves at the end of a shooting range, things were bound to get messy! Guess you could say they took “Pull the trigger b*tch!” quite literally…

Slipknot – The Devil In I

Iowa’s metal giants Slipknot certainly know how to get weird! As one of the more melodic songs on their latest album ‘All Hope Is Gone’, The Devil In I shows a pretty strange party where things take quite a drastic turn.

Their disturbing masks, heavy AF riffs, and love for gore all comes out with each member dying in a very creative manner. From biting off fingers and ripping off their faces to being eaten alive by crows, this video is all sorts of f*cked up!

Disentomb – Vultures Descend

As one of Brisbane’s biggest and most brutal contributors to the heavy music scene, boasting some ridiculous squeals and insane blast beats, Disentomb created a very apt video for Vultures Descend.  While it takes a good minute to kick in, don’t skip! Featuring some sort of sacrificial ceremony and heaps of blood, you definitely won’t be disappointed…

Betraying The Martyrs – The Great Disillusion

While they’re most commonly known for their metalcore cover of Let It Go from the Disney movie ‘Frozen’, the French/British 6-piece should not be taken lightly! Having produced some of the heaviest and most intricate heavy albums over the last few years, Betraying The Martyrs have really established themselves internationally as a force to be reckoned with!

Their latest release, The Great Disillusion, is a sensory masterpiece featuring a brutal soundtrack and blood-spattered instruments.

Cannibal Corpse – Kill Or Become

Death metal lords Cannibal Corpse have put out some pretty gory, controversial material over a career spanning nearly 30 years! With their impeccable blast beats, super technical guitars, and George Fisher’s signature growls, Cannibal Corpse waste no time in destroying us with their sonic onslaught.

If that wasn’t enough, Kill Or Become features an incredibly gory video with zombies, chainsaws, and decapitation!

Rammstein – Mein Herz Brenn

German metal pioneers Rammstein are known for their strange theatrical antics on a scale that far surpasses many others! Having been the recipients of much criticism over their videos and live performances, being called neo-nazis and promoters of sexual violence, terrorism, and cannibalism, Rammstein don’t seem to give a damn as they keep soldiering on.

Mein Herz Brenn features a creepy tale involving masked slaves, murder and frontman Til Landemann eating his own heart…this short horror story is sure to get you in the mood for Halloween!

Avenged Sevenfold – A Little Piece Of Heaven

Spicing things up a bit we have the slightly more mellow, yet still ever-disturbing animated video from Avenged Sevenfold. The Californian 5-piece have always been fans of gloomy imagery and themes, even adopting the “Deathbat” (skull with bat wings) as their logo.

A Little Piece Of Heaven is a whopping eight-minute masterpiece telling an eerie love tale with a graphic murderous twist. With all the skulls, blood, stabbing, and zombies one could ever want, backed with yet another classic song from the hard rocking collective, this video is another must-see to kickstart your Halloween festivities!

Marilyn Manson – Tourniquet

When it comes to all things weird Marilyn Manson is a pretty standard name. Tourniquet features a super creepy operation performed by Manson who, if we’re honest, doesn’t have a great history with medical procedures (apparently he removed a rib, bought the remains of a child, and smoked human bones) . While this video really doesn’t make much sense it creeped us the f*ck out, and just had to have a spot on our list…

Mushroomhead – Qwerty

Hailing from Ohio, Mushroomhead adorn themselves with creepy, goul-like masks and perform an interesting fusion of heavy metal, hip hop, and other experimental genres. Following a feud amongst Slipknot and Mushroomhead fans over wardrobe similarities (which doesn’t seem very metal…), the bands seem to have buried the hatched and instead seem to be trying to out-creep each other.

Qwerty may not feature much gore or violence, but there’s no denying that a mask which has hands for eye-sockets is pretty messed up!

Soupy LaRue – TEETH

Brisbane ‘punktry’ rockers Soupy LaRue have release a new music video, and it’s…well man-eating good fun! The quintet are known as the students of a man who “is a thousand years old and lives outside of time. He wanders the Earth – and other vaguely entertaining planets – centuries into the past and future, gaining experiences and wisdom”…

Soupy’s frontman Douglas Bjur spits a narrative about cannibalism as the subjects in the music video slowly become hungrier for roasted and steamed parts of humans. It seems you’re in for a psychotic dinner party if you’re ever invited to Soupy’s place…