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3 Things Audiences Can Look Forward To In A New Era From Harts

After something of a six-year hiatus from any major projects, beloved Australian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Harts is back, and better than ever before. Stunning audiences with a taste of his fresh new work and style on recent single ‘Summer In June’, Harts teases an even bigger comeback, with an upcoming album reportedly in the works. In celebration of the track and this new era, Harts shares with AAA Backstage 3 things that audiences can look forward to in his return to the scene in 2024. On the matter, Harts expressed:
Since my last album in 2018, I’ve really grown as a songwriter, musician and producer. Working on so many projects outside of what I was doing as Harts has taught me a lot about my skill set as well as new ideas and expectations.
3 things to look forward to are:

1. Live Performances

One thing I’m really looking forward to is building new live shows. Taking a step back and looking at my catalogue, I realise how much of a broad palette of ideas and music there is to work with. I’m looking forward to starting fresh on new performances and experiences, using my experience as a performer as the core value for a new era of releases.

2. A return to my core indie/electronic/funk elements

I’ve had so many great opportunities in the past to showcase and play rock and blues music, which I love. But over this break, I’ve started to miss the days when I was creating more dance-oriented music. One thing I wanted to try with this new album is return to that path. It’s a tough balance sometimes, because I do love to keep the rock influence and elements, but there’s a few songs I have in the works where I feel like I’ve got that balance right.

3. Video performance content

Over the past 6 years, I’ve really developed my skills as a videographer, and aspiring filmmaker (maybe one day!) I want to integrate a lot of the skills I’ve learned there to release more creative content centered new music, performances and visual media.

Written by John Zebra