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.44 Target Practice Smash Debut Single, ‘Serotonin’

Serotonin sees the scallywags of .44 Target Practice convey a truly beautiful sentiment. Articulating debauchery, adversity, perseverance, and mateship, Serotonin is a no holds barred glimpse into an Australian adolescence.

It’s a reminder to the trendsetters, the keyboard warriors, and the caught up … don’t forget where ya fuckin came from.

The intro of the song is a voice recording of a neighbourhood punch on!

The rivalry is a result of a debaucherous .44 New Years Eve gig (good work gentlemen) and from what I hear, bassist Zid is a weapon. An angry fuckin weapon. Not just on the four string, but a weapon so aptly summarised through frontman Tommy Nick’s opening sentiment,

Straighten up the back/ your serotonin’s fallin/ What ya really lack/ make up with timing/ Have another crack/ cus soon you’ll be flying/ Never coming back/ so close to dying. Sonically Serotonin’s instrumentation roars lively. Drummer Lez can be likened to a cock in training for an illegal Balinese basement brawl.

Wound up tighter than a middle aged man caught in a neighbourhood war, Lez communicates his capability very fuckin clearly through machine gun snare rolls, tasteful fills and most notably Serotonin’s bridge.

The bridge hits harder than the bassist. I don’t have the words gents. It is fuckin beatiful, When you said don’t change/ I was making plans to run away far and make some/ new friends. Guitarist Yelamos rips an absolutely belting guitar solo before the boys belch in unison Serotonin’s opening verse lyric to an instrumental discharge. Yes! Serotonin is a travelling partner. Turn to it through the lows, share with it the highs.

Give it a spin.

Serotonin releases on the 26th of January through Dead Heat.

Written by Fred Nicholson