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5 Golden Tips For Indie Musos Ahead of Brisbane’s Power-Up Series

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Following sold-out workshops on the Gold Coast, The Power-Up Series is bringing its high energy, information-packed “boot-camp” about media and marketing in the music industry to Brisbane!

Presented by AAA Backstage and Blank GC, the 2.5 hour workshop has been developed especially for creatives, promising to give independent artists access to strategies “often reserved in the music industry for the big guns”.

“We know musicians, we know media and marketing, and we understand the power of a bangin’ industry profile,” said the Series’ co-founder and facilitator Kylie Cobb.

Cobb says there’s five things every creative should be doing for more fans, money, and opportunities.

“The power of a bangin’ profile for creatives is exponential. Being known in your industry for the brilliant work you do is your superpower for more fans, more money and attracting greater opportunities.

“When you have profile, people hear about you from independent, third parties (think newspapers, radio, other respected industry folk), boosting your reputation and credibility which builds an instant level of​ trust – an essential ingredient to forming powerful relationships, fast.

“The faster you can develop trust, be it with a ​potential fan,​ booking agent,​ promoter,​ festival director ​or ​journalist,​ the easier it is to get straight to the good stuff,” says Cobb.

So how do you raise your industry profile? Cobb says:

  • Brand sh*t out of your stuff
  • Unleash your inner social media extrovert – strategically and creatively
  • Get your mug in the media…a lot
  • Harness the power of superfans
  • Secure powerful partnerships

“Just keep working a little bit on each of those. Every. Single. Day.​ ​Before you know it, you’ll be kicking those big career goals you’ve been aiming for.”

Brisbane’s upcoming Power-Up Series Boot-Camp packs in half a day’s worth of powerful content showing artists the ‘Five Pillars of Bangin’ Profile’:

  • How to Get Your Mug in the Media
  • How to Brand the Sh*t out of Your Stuff
  • How to Unleash Your Social Media Extrovert
  • How to Harness the Powers of Superfans
  • How to Secure Powerful Partnerships

The workshops have been developed and are delivered by Cobb and Sam Morris, Blank GC Editor and founder of the Gold Coast Music Awards.

“Together we have decades of experience in media, marketing, and communications across a range of sectors. So we bring a fresh, unique perspective to the music industry with an understanding of what creatives need to know, and deliver it in an exciting and engaging way,” said Morris.

The Power-Up Series 

THURS 29 SEPT (10am-12:30pm)
Battery Station (Fortitude Valley), Brisbane
Brisbane Facebook Event
TUES 11 OCT (10am-12:30pm)
The Avalon (Miami), Gold Coast
Gold Coast Facebook Event

Power Up Bootcamps Sept & Oct Partner article