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5 Reasons Being Short at Metal Concerts Is Awesome

5 Reasons Being Short Rocks

(Photo originally taken from our Big Pineapple Festival 2016 Photo Gallery)

As someone who is only 5”4 and can barely reach the top cupboard, I know how it feels to not be able to see bands you love perform. But have no fear, because being short at metal concerts and festivals has some pretty great perks and here’s five reasons to prove it. So, suck it tall people!

1. Everyone Will Protect You

Whether tall or short, people will always help you up if you fall down and stop you from getting punched in the face at metal concerts. When you need to get out of the mosh pit or you need some water, you can bet that short ass of yours you’ll get help straight away. Although metal people may appear in all black clothing or covered in piercings and tattoos they’re actually super nice and caring folk!

2. People Will Let You Go In Front Of Them

You can’t see the performers, let alone the top of the performers heads? Don’t fret little one, at metal concerts and festivals these people have got your back. Everyone wants to be front and centre at the barrier for a band, but when people see you jumping up and down or straining your neck to see the band people will move out of the way or move you in front of them for a better view. Cheers guys!

3. You Can Go On People’s Shoulders

Yeah sure, anyone can get on someone’s shoulders, but being 5”4 or under makes you a much better preference to the 6” guy over there. You’re light and easy to lift up and no longer will you break your neck trying to see the band. Because of the ease on getting someone shorter on tall people’s shoulders, not only will you see the entire world and understand what it’s like to be tall, the band may even notice you – NOTICE ME SENPAI!

4. Everyone Is Proud Of You

When you’re short at a concert yet keeping up with the jumping and thrashing about, basically just kicking ass people will notice. Many people taller and older than you will be amazed at your skills to stay alive in a crazy mosh pit. You’ll get hugs, high fives, kind words, and maybe even a free beer for your mad skills. Who isn’t going to be amazed by someone who looks 12 but is actually 20 in a mosh pit winning at life?

5. Merch T-shirts Never Run Out

Have you ever been to a concert or festival ready to get that signature merch but everything in your size is sold out? Yep, it can be a heartbreaking feeling but at metal concerts it’s never an issue! There will always be extra small or small shirts for us to grab and wear till they’re frayed and devoid of it’s original colour. If there’s the chance of them running out of your small sized t-shirt’s you can just buy a large shirt and you’ve got yourself a band-merch dress!

So petite ones, next time you’re getting ready for a metal concert or festival no need to worry! Just enjoy yourself and use being short in your favour!