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A Breach Of Silence Take On Value Gap With “Falling Away”


Brisbane-based powercore quintet A Breach of Silence have dropped their brand new single Falling Away, the first from their upcoming third album ‘Secrets’.

Falling Away is a slight departure from the band’s early power-metal oriented work, most noticeably not giving clean vocalist and real life Viking Blair Layt any vocal duties. Despite the lack of trademark vocals, the band’s new direction is a refreshing change. Modern metal core chugs and fantastic lead lines add a certain depth of flavour lacking in much modern metal core. The nu metal tinges in Rhys Flannery’s voice throughout the verses take on an almost rap-like cadence, and rather than sounding out of place, the influences works in the bands favour.

Tackling a hot topic for current age musicians, the video clip takes on the value gap plaguing modern music in regards to streaming services and music sales. The clip sees Flannery present a series of posters exposing how free streaming is hurting the music industry, a warning that if music consumption doesn’t change, musicians and the music industry will suffer.

The issue of musicians’ earnings has made news increasingly frequently in recent years, leading various music industry figures to advocate sustainable music consumption. “If musicians aren’t fairly compensated for their music, then they eventually stop being musicians and are forced to choose other professions tat are more profitable,” said guitarist Mat Cosgrove.

Rhys Flannery echoes the sentiment, saying that “a subscription to Spotify is available for less than a six pack of beer. All we’re asking is that people subscribe to whatever service they prefer, because free streaming simply cannot sustain music creators.”

Check out A Breach Of Silence’s new single Falling Away below!