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A Day To Remember Drop New Single & Video Out Of Nowhere!

A Day To Remember 2016

After nearly two and a half years since their last release, A Day To Remember have dropped new single Paranoia out of nowhere, with a music video to make your Friday just that little bit better!

After destroying stages around Australia on the ‘Big Ass Tour’ late last year with Australian hardcore icons Amity Affliction, fans worldwide have been anxiously waiting to get their hands on fresh ADTR since the band’s 2013 album ‘Common Courtesy’.

Paranoia sees the band head in a heavier direction, catching many off guard as a trend in heavy music has seen numerous bands opt for a softer sound (Bring Me The Horizon for starters). A drum driven, hardcore-influenced verse creates sheer intensity before opening up into a classic A Day To Remember chorus, hooking you the moment Jeremy McKinnon shifts from punishing screams to his signature melodic cleans. Combine this with a breakdown heavy enough to give you a brain haemorrhage and you have yourself hardcore bliss!

The track’s music video features a tormented McKinnon visiting a shrink, ‘paranoid’ and mentally unstable, whilst also running from a demon-like spirit that slots in for a guest vocal spot in the breakdown. Whilst no official word has been given about anymore upcoming tunes, we’re hoping A Day To Remember surprise us with more tracks in the near future…

Written by Sam Muggleton