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Four Variations Of Pop For Your Listening Pleasure


MOGLII & NOVAA with Down Under

Do yourself a favour and slap some headphones on. Down Under is the first track from German electro lords Moglii and Novaa. The artists have collaborated on an exciting new EP ‘Moglii x Novaa’ and if this track is anything to go by, it’s gonna be a ripper! With an amazing use of ambient sounds, like chirping crickets and crinkly stuff, Down Under provides super chill vibes on another level. The track really hits the mark at about a minute and a half in with a slight tempo increase and a creamy duet. But just when you think it can’t get better, they add a bunch bouncing, wibbly wobbly sounds. Certified cosmic jam right here…


BUSY KINGDOM with Temptation

If you’re hankering for a new road trip tune then you might want to divert your attention towards Victorian rockers Busy Kingdom’s latest track Temptation. Like a grungier Temper Trap, these guys really tune into the vibes of an Aussie summer. This is the type of song you’d chuck on when making your way to the beach, blasting it out your windows down the highway. Basically, it’s just a whole lotta fun.


Matt Gresham with Small Voices

Now if there’s one place in the world that you would want to be in right now, it’s Austin, Texas. For the past week, the annual SXSW festival has taken over the city. Western Australian local Matt Gresham repped the Aussie talent there a few days ago. Small Voices, the first single off his upcoming EP, is a wonderfully frothy pop ballad. With a driving bass line that sounds just like a thumb piano, Small Voices is a gem. Not to mention, the music video is likely to drive a wedge of nostalgia into an Aussie (it features a hills hoist after all).

Kintsukuroi - Promo1

KATE MARTIN with Kintsukuroi

Bringing it all home is a pop folk electronic beast from Melbourne-based artist Kate Martin. Her latest track Kintsukuroi, the first from her upcoming album, is an acoustic ode to the Japanese art of repairing ceramic with golden flakes. She’s kind of like First Aid Kit meets Bon Iver. Kintsukuroi is an energetic track, with layer upon layer of guitars and eastern influenced percussion.