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A Very Serious Q & A: Idiio


Gold Coast via Christchurch duo Idiio are riding high on their latest single Holding Me Back, a somber yet driving electronic track that’s set to “take you on a calming, yet frightening journey”. We asked the duo some super intense questions to get to know them and their music a little better!

How would you escape from a killer robot?

Insert a floppy dick DISK!!

If you found yourself in a time-warp and were faced with your younger self, what would you say?

Matthew McConaughey will get better.

Who would win in a death-match between Iron Man, Spiderman, and Captain America?

We literally sat here for an hour thinking about this question and we came to the conclusion that Ironman already lost to Captain America so it’s down to Ol’ Spidey and The Cap. We think Spiderman would have Captain America in a city but Captain America would have Spiderman in a open area.

What band or artist do you most want to share the stage with?

We would carry all our gear up the stairway to heaven to play a super gig with the 27 club + Jeff Buckley.

Beef, Chicken, pork, or tofu?

F*ck tofu, what even is tofu. Otherwise all of the above!

Instrument you wished you played?

We both wish we could rip on piano!

Favourite city in the world?

For us the country always wins. We don’t really like cities that much.

For the uninitiated, how would you describe Idiio’s sound and live shows?

We could write a novel on this. But we have been described as soulful electronica. As for our live shows we have created something unique and different, hence the name “Idiio” originating from idiosyncrasy.

We’re loving Holding Me Back, what’s the story behind the track?

Holding Me Back is basically about not letting a hangover hold you back from partying again the next day. “You will raise from a daze/minds at ease will erase/I will trail on the edge of last nights slumber drink the night away/I will mask in jaded fashion/smash the window holding me back”.

Lastly, what are three things people should know before they see you live?

Bring a spare mind because one will be soiled. Bring a spare pair of undies because one will be blown. But in all seriousness, just be prepared to expand your mind, let go and cream ya jeans!

Idiio Debut Live Show
GD FRNDS Showcase w/ Waxhead, Ivey, & GD FRNDS DJs

Miami Shark Bar, Gold Coast

Written by Max Higgins