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AAA Six Picks

One of the best parts of music is discovery. Stumbling onto a track or an artist that you can’t stop listening to and falling in love in the most serendipitous way. Our Six Picks are a collection of songs that we have comes across on our desk, or locked away in the back end of the internet that we believe deserve to stand in the limelight. Here are six more.

Clarence Clarity – Meadow Hopping, Traffic Stopping, Death Splash

On first listen we didn’t like this. Then we listened to it again and we thought it was ok. Then we listened to it another time and we were singing along. Then we realised it’s been a day and that’s the only track we’ve listened to. There is something so addictive about the absurdity to Clarence Clarity that it’ll have you coming back over and over again. It definitely won’t be something you’re used to. But it’s something you’ll love.


Júníus Meyvant – Color Decay

We’re sticklers for Icelandic acts and Júníus is no different. The ensemble of instruments that back that roaring beautiful vocals brings a very different sound to a very likeable genre. Trumpets, strings, drums and guitar all join forces to support a Josh Pyke type vocals that gales into a magical tune.


We’re intrigued. WALLFLOWER has created a very different sound. The produced track opens to  trance synths that are layered with guitar and some heavenly vocals. It feels like part of the instrumental soundtrack to a coming of age film, but it’s … good. It’s the first of it’s kind we’ve heard and we just can’t turn off that repeat button. Bumming around triple j unearthed, WALLFLOWER is someone we’re keeping our eye on.


Jad & The Lady Boy – On Guard ft. Blair de Milo

Silky smooth beats that are the perfect addition to any house music playlist. The laid-back vibes marry beautifully with vocals building up to something fabulous. Chilled out and easily likeable, the track is right up there with any Flight Facilities tune.