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AAA Has Your Halloween Party Music Needs Covered!


Did you know that Halloween, isn’t an American tradition? It actually comes from an Irish tradition that says the souls of the dead roam the earth the night before All Hallows day, or the Hallows Evening (Hallows evening… Hallowe’en… Halloween).

Let’s be honest though, Halloween isn’t about the souls of the dead wandering around looking where they parked their car, it’s about getting riggity at your mate’s place while you’re dressed up as sexy ranch dressing or whatever you picked at the last minute. Sometimes your mate drops the ball though, and you end up with a complete pelican of a playlist.

AAA know how to party, so we’ve put together a themed playlist for your listening delectations! Based (fairly loosedly) on the theme of Halloween, we’ve compiled over 40 songs that are linked by title, band name, theme, or just general rocker-ness to be the basis of a well-composed house party playlist!

Happy listening folks, and remember, if you hear scary noises, split up, you’re able to cover more ground that way!

Written by Max Higgins