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Acacia Bloom Share Tunes That Inspire Their Sound

Sydney based Indie Punk outfit Acacia Bloom released their heartfelt debut EP, Something You Said’ on the backend of last year which we had the joy of premiering. The band are smashing some online streams and this week we thought we’d catch up with the band to see what they’re listening to at the moment.  

OK Hotel – ‘Get Out’

OK Hotel’s ‘Come and Find Me’ EP is definitely one of my highlight releases for 2023. The EP as a whole is filled with hits, with each song standing out as its own unforgettable moment in the track list. My favourite song would have to be ‘Get Out’, the opening track on the EP, as well as the first from the project to be released. What makes this song so great is it’s catchy vocal melodies and ear wormy guitar parts. The song really sinks its hooks into you, with each section feeling masterfully arranged, memorable and distinct in its own right.

-Tom (Vocalist/guitarist)

Slowly Slowly – ‘Smile lines’

‘Smile Lines’ is a song that comes up in my listening rotation pretty frequently. It hits you with these drastic shifts in energy with some really intimate sections focused more on guitar and vocals, contrasted by massive sections with heaps of guitar layers, punchy bass and drums that just sound absolutely huge. I find Ben Stewart’s lyric writing on the song mind blowing. It paints such a vivid picture that just sucks you in to this mess of complicated thoughts and feelings. I think my favourite part of the song overall is just how raw it feels. The whole song just this onslaught of emotion that just washes over you for the entire track.

-Tom (Vocalist/guitarist)

Teenage Joans – ‘Hospital Bed’

Teenage Joans has been a longtime favourite band of mine that also had a massive impact on the writing of our EP ‘Something You Said’. Their recent album ‘The Rot That Grows Inside My Chest’, which they released in October is such a huge step forward for the band, where their songwriting seems to have matured so much, without loosing the fun vibe that is so core to the Teenage Joans sound. The first track from the album ‘Hospital bed’ is definitely a standout to me. The journey you get taken on over the course of the track is so enthralling, with Cahli Blakers’ vocal performance doing so much to just grip you, right up until the end of the song. The production across the whole record is insane, but especially so on this track, with a plethora of SFX, vocal affectation and clever arrangement choices helping to tell such a powerful story in a way that grabs you by the heartstrings as soon as the record plays. This track is a definitive all time favourite.

-Tom (Vocalist/guitarist)

Bec Stevens – ‘James’ song’

I fell absolutely in love with Bec Stevens’ music after seeing her support Sly Withers on their acoustic tour at the start of 2023. I vividly remember the moment that caught me, being her performance of ‘James’ Song’. I’m not much of a crier, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t feeling pretty choked up while I was leaning up against that barricade. Since that show, it has been a mainstay in my playlists, and ended up as my third most listened to song of the year. The story behind the song is absolutely heartbreaking, but its Bec’s performance and realisation of the song written by her friend that makes it so special. ‘James’ Song’ is a truly beautiful tribute, and easily one of the best pieces of music to release this year.

-Tom (Vocalist/guitarist)

Sly Withers – ‘Put Me Down’

‘Put Me Down’ was one of those songs I found pretty organically. I was scrolling through Instagram and caught the bridge, and it just kind of spoke to me. Once I found the song, I just couldn’t get enough of it!! There’s a calmness about the first half of the song, which really allowed me to listen to the lyrics and find my own meaning and interpretation of them. The whole song feels like it’s an expression of pent up aggression, with the climax acting as the release of all of what was causing the emotional turmoil. From an instrumental stand point, this song encouraged me to think more critically about my songwriting, with particular emphasis on writing my drum parts, and the impact of more a more minimalistic approach. Overall, this song has helped to redefine the way I understand and interpret music, as both a songwriter and performer.

-Mitch (Drummer)

Acacia Bloom’s recent EP, Something You Said is available now, everywhere.

Written by John Zebra