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Adelaide’s Mogerlaine Release Grungey Twin Singles “Gravity/Rarity”

Mogerlaine 2016


Mogerlaine, a 4-piece “new wave/power pop band hailing from Adelaide”, have dropped a pair of singles titled Gravity and Rarity which are absolutely satisfying our post-grunge needs! Recorded across two studios in Adelaide and Melbourne, the singles push the band in a dirtier, crunchier direction than their 2015 self-titled debut EP.

Gravity kicks off with driving guitars dripping in melancholy tones and pulsing drums before dropping into a softer verse with Nicholas Pipe’s baritone voice dominating the mix. The song rises and falls in intensity before it crescendos into a hard-hitting guitar and drum jam, reminiscent of Alice in Chains’ heavier offerings.

Rarity leans on simpler song structure, earning the band’s power pop title. Pipe’s voice is harmonised with softer female vocals which carry the tune over heavily-manipulated guitars and steady drums. Lead guitarist Henry Gazzola punctuates the track with a shredding lead riff that ends the song on a high note, while the rhythm section push the song forward with dynamic grooves.

Both songs bring about a nostalgic trip back to the grunge movement of the 90s, with Alice in Chains, Dinosaur Jr., and Stone Temple Pilots coming to mind. Throw in a hint of shoegaze and Mogerlaine’s new singles are an exciting step forward following their EP.

We are very excited to see what comes next from these Adelaide lads. Keep up with the band on Facebook HERE. Check out Gravity and Rarity below!