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Adored Actor Alan Rickman Passes, Aged 69


British actor Alan Rickman, adored for his roles in Die Hard and the Harry Potter movies, has passed away after his quiet battle with cancer, aged 69.

The sad announcement was confirmed late Thursday evening by a statement from his family.

“He was surrounded by family and friends,” said the statement.

The beloved actor captured the hearts and minds of film goers the world around with his acting prowess, however drama wasn’t his only talent.

Rickman blitzed the Broadway stage as lead Vicomte de Valmont in Les Liasons Dangeruses, that’s Cruel Intentions for you late 90’s lovers.

He also lent his deep, dark vocals on the track Start a Family by Texas.

He also received emcee credits on track The Bells by experimental instrumentalist Mike Oldfield.

Though Rickman didn’t have anything to do with the production, let’s not forget the infamous song by Adam Leonard echoing all our thoughts when first hearing the news; Not Alan Rickman.

And again, not involved in production but, garnering love for the character he brought to life. Snape, Snape, Severus.

Rest in peace Alan.