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Against The Elements Q & A: Ryan & Jarrad from Venus II

Venus II

Electronic duo Venus II have just released their debut single Inside Your Sun, a rhythmic, psychedelic fever-dream soundtrack. To celebrate the release, we quizzed them on the song, their ability to survive wild weather, and raining champagne.

You run out of food in the middle of a storm. Which member of the band would be the first to cave and go out to get supplies?

Jarrad Brown: I guess Ryan – he is a bit of a white wash warrior – growing up on and around the Sydney beaches. I, of course, would be happy to go and hunt for food as well. I’d hope when the end-times come, we can work something out to share the load.

A massive tornado is approaching. What’s the first belonging you would save?

Ryan Grieve: I’d probably save my hard drives which is the honest and very boring answer but definitely a couple of essential 12”s as well.

If you could design your own ideal raincoat, what extra features would it have?

JB: I’ve got a navy blue one. Its best feature is the length. I always reach for it when I need extra coverage.

Which member of Venus II would be most likely to build a blanket fort inside the house to keep warm and comfy?

RG: I think we both would actually. We’re both in the business of creating alternative worlds that are a bit odd, comforting and fun.

Would you rather go skiing in a blizzard or surfing in the rain?

JB: I have not tried either, though I’m sure if RG was answering this one he would say surfing.

If you could transform the rain, what would you most like to fall from the sky?

RG: I don’t know … how about French champagne or really expensive red wine? It would be funny to hear everyone walking around talking about how huge and complex the rain is today.

Who would last the longest in the desert?

JB: Ryan always has time to hydrate and loves a couple of litres of H20 daily. So again… Ryan.

How would you describe Venus II’s sound and live show? 

RG: Like huge and complex psychedelic/electronic rain wine being poured out of two friendly people.

We’re loving your latest single Inside Your Sun, what was the inspiration behind the song? 

JB: The inspo was a “want to be inside a trip”… Just the fundamental feelings of wanting to lose control.

Check out Venus II’s debut single Inside Your Sun below! 

Written by Jess Martyn