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Airport Q & A: Sam Lathlean from Jenny Broke The Window

Jenny Broke The Window Press Pic

Sydneysiders Jenny Broke the Window have perfectly captured the pang of a long-distance love in the heartbreaking music video to their single Airport Love. We asked the quartet’s frontman Sam Lathlean a few kooky questions about airport situations and how the band perceive their sound and upcoming EP!

If you were stranded at an airport with no security guards, what’s the first thing you would do? 

I’d take some snacks from the food court, grab a chair, and go sit on the tarmac to get a nice up close view of the planes taking off and landing.

If you could only take one item with you on a long flight, what would you take and why?

Good pair of headphones. Can never trust the airline headphones!

What’s the worst in-flight meal you’ve ever had?

I was sitting at the back of the plane once and they’d run out of the chicken option so I had to have fish. I HATE fish. I swear it was a couple sardines with a bit of lemon…

If you could design your own emergency landing vest, what features would it have?

Some extra pockets with some tasty treats to keep me going. And some sort of weapon to either hunt for food or protect myself from cannibalistic survivors.

Which member of the band would you trust to land the plane in an emergency?

Our drummer Joel, he’s an Uber driver so he often has the responsibility of getting people to their destination. Given that, he’d probably cope with the pressure. Not that driving a car is at all like flying a plane…

For the uninitiated, how would you describe Jenny Broke The Window’s sound and live show?

Anyone who has ever tried to describe our sound to me has surprised me with their comparisons so I’ve given up on describing it myself. The live set is quite full on these days I suppose, we’ve built quite a repertoire of high intensity, high energy songs. It gets hard playing eight of them back to back, so we’ve tried to mix things up a bit lately and add in some less intense sections of the set.

We’re loving your latest single Airport Love, what’s the inspiration or story behind the song?

I spent a fair bit of time in airports last year and it really hit me how many emotions are flowing around those places. Everyone’s either sad or really happy to be going somewhere, or some weird combination of both. I guess the song is about leaving someone or something behind when you don’t really want to, and then later having the feeling of wanting it back. I use my phones ‘notes’ app to write things down – when I got back from my trip the phrases “airport love” and “I said I’ll see ya later but I won’t see you at all” were in there and that’s how the song started.

Lastly, tell us three things people should know about your upcoming EP?

  1. It’s out really soon
  2. It’s not all about Airports, love, and planes.
  3. It’ll have six tracks on it including a bonus track. Plenty of stuff people haven’t heard yet, so that’s a bonus!

Written by Jess Martyn