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EP Review: Eastward ‘Laurie Came Home’

Eastward 2016

Eden Altman a.k.a. Eastward burst onto the scene late last year with his own unique brand of intelligent electronica music, created in his own private home studio. A year later, the Melbourne-based producer is gearing up to release his debut EP ‘Laurie Came Home’. Allow us to walk you through four tracks’ worth of analogue synthesizers, psychedelic samples, and experimentation.

Old Green Thumb is an exercise in morphing the sterile computer world with that of nature in all its organic grit and beauty.”

The first track on the album, Old Green Thumb, is the beginning of a musical journey full of interesting sounds and textures. The song starts off with a standout low bass followed by a vibrant beat that is quickly lightened up by synthesised melodies. The groovy guitar melodies that repeat throughout the song contrast against all the diverse samples in the track.

Old Green Thumb is an exercise in morphing the sterile computer world with that of nature in all its organic grit and beauty,” Eastward says. Fittingly, the song’s award winning video clip by UK director Ian Gamester displays an artistic collision between the technological world and the world of flora and fauna. The video’s escapist theme has attracted new fans who delight in breaking boundaries.

The EP’s second single Golden Morning builds on the foundation laid out by Old Green Thumb. The track starts off with easy acoustic guitar and Eastward’s smooth voice, quickly joined by Emily Lubitz’s soft, hypnotizing vocals. Sound effects and overdubs lead into a punchy electric guitar climax, highlighting Eastward’s talent and previous experience as a session guitarist.

The title track Laurie Came Home contrasts against the two previous tracks with a combination of piano, sensual bass, and soft background vocals. A little way into the track, electric guitar and mesmerising trumpet add a jazzy touch. The piano, trumpet and beat dance around each other, rotating and dominating the track in turn.

Eye Twitch is the final piece of this creative puzzle. The track starts off with a folky guitar led by a deep, steady beat. A twitchy electric guitar joins in, delivering an intense synth melody. After a moment of silence, a speedy beat picks up the pace, culminating in a heavenly blend of guitar notes. The middle-eastern vibe of the song somehow works well in amongst the EP, and the electronic guitar medley will get you in the mood for dancing.

If you’re open to a bit of musical experimentation, every song on ‘Laurie Came Home’ is a new chance to fall in love. There’s no single genre this experimental ensemble of sounds fits into – when it comes to production, Eastward throws the manual out the window. Whether you’re able to open your mind to it or not, ‘Laurie Came Home’ is no doubt an impressive piece of work from this guitar-loving alternate producer.

Eastward’s debut EP ‘Laurie Came Home’ is set to be released 8th April.

Album Rating: 3

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