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Album Review: Emma Louise ‘Lilac Everything’

‘Lilac Everything’ is the third studio album from Cairns singer-songwriter Emma Louise. With beautiful, emotional lyrics and heartfelt melodies, this work of art deserves all the love.

‘Lilac Everything’ is a conceptual album that documents Emma’s own personal journey and transformation since her 2016 album, ‘Supercry’, and the beauty of this album is unveiled in the first few notes. The choice to pitch down the vocals was a very bold one, but the effect that it has on the album as a whole deems it a huge success.

The opening track, Wish You Well, never fails to send chills down my spine. The simple piano composition accompanied with heartfelt introspective lyrics and the pitched-down vocals are immersive and allow you a deeper insight into Emma’s mind, life and emotions. The album picks up pace in the fifth track, Gentleman. With a cheerful beat and stunning acoustics, this song provides a necessary break from the ballads, and marks the transition from heartbreak to happiness through the album. Mexico, the second single from ‘Lilac Everything’, documents Emma’s heartbreak that lead to her trip. The lyrics are powerful, and obvious in the best way. This song tells a very clear story of self-discovery and love on an introspective level. About halfway through, there is a dramatic change as the beat picks up and the synth kicks in, giving it that signature Emma Louise sound. Mexico is about letting go, which is just what this song allows the listener to do. The closing track, When it Comes To You, has a very similar feeling and sound to Wish You Well, with the same simple piano and deep, dramatic vocals that transport you to a place of total serenity despite the heavy lyrics.

As a whole, this album is very special. It provides us with an insight into the writer’s mind and allows us to feel and know exactly what she did. The pitched-down vocals add a whole other layer of meaning and emotion, creating a sound so unique but still so Emma. If you want to be transported to a place so comforting and so personal, be sure to give this one a listen (or ten).

Written by Sarah Schietroma