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Alex the Astronaut Drops Heart-Warming Single “Already Home”


Sydney turned NYC singer and guitarist Alex the Astronaut has just released her second single Already Home following the success of her debut single Half of 21st Street earlier in 2016. The self-proclaimed ‘folktronic’ artist recorded Already Home in Melbourne alongside Kate Miller-Heidke producer Benjamin McCarthy.

The track showcases Alex’s effortless songwriting skills, carefree vocals, and soothing instrumentals. Already Home is uplifting and comforting as piano and acoustic guitar are layered under sweeping strings and a solace melody which brings on feelings of nostalgia for a time when your worries were non-existent.

Spending her time studying, playing soccer, and working multiple jobs, the pressure began to build up for Alex, and her personal experiences are what inspired the track.

“I was people watching on the bus home from one of my jobs and realised how many people experience this out of control feeling for the majority of their lives. It actually made me feel better to think of how much people do just so they can come home to someone they care about and so they can have something to eat and somewhere to sleep,” says Alex.

Overall, Already Home perfectly encapsulates the carefree nature we all wish we possessed! Check it out below (best served with a cold beer, headphones, and a sunset)!


illustration by Elly Pugh.